Emotional Curve

Quite often we bottle up our emotions, which gives some relief and a sense of control in the short term but often these emotions build up and sooner or later they come out often in destructive ways. Therefore it is important to work through each stage in an intentional and safe way.

First, during the emotional build up it is good to name what you are feeling and what is causing this emotion. When you get close the the peak it is important to express this emotion in a safe, non-destructive way.

You can do these in a number of ways, so try to find a way that feels most comfortable to you.

This might include:

  • Talking with someone about the situation and how it made you feel.

  • Writing things down

  • Talking to yourself about the situation -- remember to include things like "I am feeling... and that's okay."

  • Paint or draw your emotional state

  • Dance or play a sport to express your emotions through movement

  • Sing songs and listen to music that reflects your emotional state

  • Hit a pillow or kick your mattress or crumble a piece of paper

  • Shout or sigh and let it out vocally

  • Cry

Once these emotions have found an outlet and you feel a natural tiredness you can use grounding and self soothing techniques to bring yourself back into a neutral state.

  • Breathe slowly

  • Give yourself a hug

  • Listen to calm music

  • Look out the window

  • Drink something warm

  • Tell yourself some positive messages (see note to self)

I will post videos and in-depth descriptions for each of the previously mentioned techniques in case you need more support.


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