My Approach

As an integrative counsellor, I base my work on the Person Centred approach, CBT,  Existentialism and Eco-Therapy. During our sessions I adopt a curious and exploratory approach to help you on your journey towards healing. I put emphasis on fostering a genuine relationship. I don't only look at the problem that you might be facing but You as a person, a person who is struggling but also a person who is resilient, with a fascinating story and so much potential. I believe that a genuine relationship supported by the safe and non-judgmental atmosphere of our sessions, gives you an opportunity to express yourself and your emotions openly and to talk about difficult topics that have been weighing you down.  

Counselling is a unique journey for each client and therefore each stage will be different, but there are some aspects that you can expect. Initially you will be encouraged to describe your difficulties and what you hope to gain from counselling. Throughout therapy I will teach you relaxation techniques that can help relieve some of the symptoms. When you feel ready we will dive deeper into your problems, to gain an understanding of the thoughts and behaviours that maintain it. A big part of our work will be expanding your awareness of your body, emotions, thoughts and behaviours. This awareness will allow you to intentionally decide what is valuable to you, change, and move forward in a direction that is meaningful to you. Lastly when you feel like you are ready to end our sessions we will use our time to focus on ways to maintain the changes you went through and how to deal with relapse.

My Qualifications

I am a counsellor in training (Level 6) 

BSc Integrative Counselling Degree

Introductory Training in Eco-Psychology

Suicidal Prevention Training with ASIST

Adhering to the BACP Ethical Framework

Full Indemnity Insurance

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